Cinnamon Tingle Cod Liver Oil Success With Kids!

When I got this email from last month's Green Pasture giveaway winner, I knew I had to share it with you all. I think most of us feel some hesitation about investing in a bottle of quality cod liver oil if you fear your kids will never consent to taking it every day. But a lot of parents are surprised when they realize it's often not the battle they expected! Here's what this email said:

I got my cod liver oil/butter oil blend yesterday (cinnamon tingle flavor). I was really doubtful I could get the kids to take it. But they really surprised me!
My 2 year old swallowed hers without any problem and even licked the lid!  My 9 year old, who I had raised on convenience food (before our traditional food awakening) took hers with no argument and said it wasn't so bad. My 7 yr old "healthy eater" had the most difficulty--mostly because she held it in her mouth too long. But eventually she swallowed and didn't give me any fuss today. Our 8 month old didn't know what hit him and I followed his teaspoon with some applesauce before he could spit any out. So all in all, a very good experience. 
Thank you for providing our family the opportunity to try the fermented cod liver oil.  We are also sure to be Green Pasture customers from now on!

Isn't that cool? I love hearing success stories like this!

If you need a high quality source for high vitamin cod liver oil and butter oil, check out my Resources page!

Do your kids take cod liver oil? Has it been a battle or do you have a secret for getting your kids to take it without a fight? Share in the comments below!

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