My name is Elizabeth Walling and I'm the writer behind The Nourished Life blog. I am an independent health researcher and freelance writer. I started this blog in 2009 as a resource for others who are interested in improving their health and well-being the natural way.

More About Me...

I began my own health journey a few years ago and quickly took a wrong turn. Like many young women, I thought under-eating and over-exercising were the path to health. Boy, was I wrong! After a couple years, my health had gotten progressively worse. I became an exhausted young mom with severe acne, PMS and mood swings that could intimidate a seasoned combat veteran. I figured this was no way to live and began to research nutrition and healthy living.

Within a few months, I was a different person. Today I enjoy excellent health, sleep like a baby and my moods are fantastic (ask my husband--he couldn't be happier with the change!). But I figured there were still a lot of folks out there looking for answers, so that's how this blog got started.

These days I live with my husband of nine years and our two children in the beautiful mountains of northern Alabama (along with our general menagerie of farm animals). We drink raw milk, unschool, and basically enjoy living outside of the box.

What You'll Find Here on the Blog...

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