Book of the Month: The Mood Cure Book Review

The Mood Cure: The 4-Step Program to Take Charge of Your Emotions--Today
Early this month I picked up a copy of The Mood Cure by Julia Ross. I'd previously read bits and pieces of The Diet Cure by the same author, which I found to be very interesting, and I was curious to see what The Mood Cure had to offer.

Like its predecessor, it promotes using temporary amino acid therapy to help deal with cravings and moods that make it difficult to eat the right foods. But The Mood Cure is focused more on healing our brains versus losing weight (although the two go hand in hand, as Julia points out).

The first thing I noticed was how reader-friendly this book is. I've read a few books on nourishing topics, and while I've always been engrossed in the material (because it's what I'm passionate about, after all), Julia's conversational tone made it very easy to digest all the great stuff her book has to offer. And believe me, there is a lot of information in here!

Which brings me to my next observation: this book does not leave you full of unanswered questions. I found The Mood Cure to be very thorough in every topic it covered. Julia Ross does not delve into a subject half-heartedly. Instead she makes sure we have all the information we need, plus how to actually use it.

Here is some of what The Mood Cure includes:

  • A four-part questionnaire that helps you identify which amino acid therapy you need. Some people only need one type, others may need all four. I personally found this section really helpful. I suspected I was a little serotonin deficient, but after taking the first part of the questionnaire it became clear that this was what I needed to work on most.
  • After the questionnaire, there are four detailed chapters about dealing with your problem moods. While of course there's lots of information about amino acid therapy, Julia also talks about plenty of other ways to improve your moods no matter what your specific needs are.
  • Frankly, I was already sold after the first few chapters. But when I got to the section about bad-mood and good-mood foods, I was in for a real treat. Julia blasts refined flour and sugar, gluten-filled grains, vegetable oils, and even soy. Then she makes a great case for traditional foods like eggs, meat and her personal favorite (and mine) butter. She also promotes eating plenty of food and not letting yourself starve on a low-calorie diet that deprives your brain of what it needs to be happy. I consider this to be a particularly vital point in an age where 800-calorie diets are still rearing their ugly heads.
  • There are also menu plans and supplement guides if you need them. I personally don't like to rely on too many supplements to get my nutrients, but she does have some good pointers. However, I have to admit she didn't bring up one of my favorite supplements: high vitamin cod liver oil. And since I think this supplement is imperative for good health (and good moods), I have to say I consider that a definite minus.
  • But then Julia does something truly amazing: she lays out some wonderful plans for people on antidepressant drugs and those dealing with drug or alcohol addiction. I personally felt this section was a real eye-opener, delving into the physiological reasons behind addiction and shining a light at the end of a dark tunnel all too familiar for many people I know.
  • Julia also addresses important topics like sleep, adrenal burnout and thyroid function with great detail and plenty of usable suggestions on each topic.
  • At the end of the book there are some fantastic resources for health-care professionals and food sources if you need them. There's also plenty of recommended reading material listed throughout the book.

This is really one of the most useful books I've ever read. I have been practicing a lot of suggestions from the book during the last few weeks, and I have to say I'm enjoying the results. My moods have been way better overall. So far the book has lived up to its title. The encouraging tone of The Mood Cure is like a ray of hope for someone dealing with mood problems, and I highly recommend it to anyone who thinks it might help them or someone they know.

Buy The Mood Cure by Julia Ross today.

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