Why I Drink Coffee Every Day

Coffee every day? You bet. There are some things we hate to love. And some we love to hate. Coffee is both. People talk about the evils of coffee in the same way they talk about addictions to meth or cocaine (or the so-called evils of sugar). Whether you drink it or not, you've likely been told over and over about the detriment of coffee consumption from one health guru or another.

I once believed that myth and quit drinking coffee completely for a couple of years. Now I drink coffee every day. Because I'm a hopeless addict? No. Because I sifted through the hype and learned about the health benefits of coffee.

Health benefits of coffee? Yes, they really do exist. And some are pretty cool. So here's why I drink coffee every day:

  • Coffee is nutritious! It contains a lot of magnesium and B vitamins essential to our health and well being. I firmly believe it's best to get nutrients from food sources if possible (supplements can be problematic for a variety of reasons), so coffee fits right into that equation.

  • I don't like cancer. Drinking coffee every day is linked to a 25 percent lower endometrial cancer risk in women. Plus women who drink coffee daily are far less at risk for certain types of breast cancer (like up to 57 percent less!). More studies have shown coffee's protective effects against skin cancer and colon cancer.

  • I do like my liver, and coffee may protect your liver. Studies show people who drink caffeinated coffee have lower markers of liver disease.

  • Thyroid health is paramount if you want to be healthy and feel well, and some research suggests coffee may play a key role in protecting you from thyroid disease.

  • Coffee drinkers are less likely to develop Parkinson's disease, and coffee can help reduce symptoms in current Parkinson's patients. 

But the health benefits of coffee aren't the only reason I indulge my java habit. Here are even more reasons I love drinking coffee every day...

  • Coffee is an excellent medium for other nutritious foods. I drink my coffee with a full serving of real milk and a healthy dose of gelatin protein. Getting plenty of protein is a must for me, so it's a great way to start my morning. I sometimes also throw in a spoonful of coconut oil, which can help with managing weight, clearing up acne and a whole lot more.

  • It smells fantastic! Very few people I've met have told me they don't love the aroma of fresh-brewed coffee. Forget air freshener. Just brew me a cup of joe.

Of course, there are two sides to every story, even this one. As always, I recommend doing your own research and listening to your body when it comes to coffee--or food, exercise, and pretty much everything else in life!

Do you drink coffee? Do you think it's a bad habit or a good one? Let me know what you think in the comments below!











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