Gigantic Zucchini (Not in a Store Near You)

We've all heard dozens of times that the fruits and veggies we see in the produce aisle aren't quite the same as what you can grow at home. But as they say, seeing is believing. And I had no clue that it was physically possible for a zucchini to grow over a few inches long until I saw one of these in my garden last year. This one just came out of our garden last week. It measures at about 18 inches in length (I put an egg in the photo for size comparison).

What a revelation. Just think of the many real food wonders that can only be experienced outside the four walls of your local grocery store. Our modern food supply is so formulaic, so... uninspiring.

It's not about growing the biggest zucchini in town or the world's best tomatoes. It's more about how the simple act of growing something at home will suddenly and unexpectedly inspire a sense of wonder in our hearts that is utterly lost in the predictable aisles of the modern grocery store.

As each generation grows up in a world more and more detached from the traditional way of living, it becomes more and more important to make the time for simple traditions like growing your own vegetable garden.

What has your garden taught you? Share in the comments below!

Find Inspiration in Your Own Garden

It's still not too late to plant a garden and grow your own this summer. For a great source of organic and heirloom seeds, check out the gardening section of my Resources page.

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