PODCAST: Addiction: The Hidden Epidemic with Pam Killeen

Addiction: The Hidden EpidemicAddiction is one of the most critical problems we're facing in society today. We're not only more addicted than ever before, but we're raising our kids to be addicts as well. Addiction is a pervasive, destructive problem that creeps up on us from every direction and leaves a path of devastation in its wake. But fortunately, there are answers to this enormous problem.

Pam Killeen discusses the causes and solutions for addiction in her book Addiction: The Hidden Epidemic. Pam has been researching health and nutrition for 20 years, and her studies have led her to the work of Weston A. Price and many other significant nutritional health experts. Her work is nothing less than phenomenally thorough. She's interviewed an excellent group of experts (including Sally Fallon, Julia Ross and David Greenfield) and included these interviews in her book.

I had the opportunity to interview Pam today on The Nourished Life Radio Show. We talked about:

  • Addiction in children and what we can do to prevent it.
  • The importance of family meals
  • The underlying causes of addiction.
  • Alternative therapies for addicts. (You know, ones that actually work!)
  • The basic ingredients for happy brain chemistry.
  • How the "Fast New World" is damaging our health and well being.

    Listen to the show in the player below or by visiting the show's web page here.

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