Experiments with Coconut Cream Concentrate

The Coconut Oil Miracle (Previously published as The Healing Miracle of Coconut Oil)Since I've been reading The Coconut Oil Miracle this month, it's had me thinking about new ways to get more coconut fat into my diet. I haven't had the pleasure of experimenting much with coconut milk because, well, quality coconut milk is hard to find. Half the stuff you run across will usually be "lite" coconut milk (who wants to give up those amazing coconut fats?!?), filled with additives or in a can. Frankly I'm not into any of those options. But I still wanted to find something akin to coconut milk to experiment with. Enter coconut cream concentrate.

I recently was invited to sample coconut cream concentrate from this site. Additives aren't my thing, so I liked the idea of pure coconut milk in concentrate form. The texture is smooth and the taste is fresh with a hint of sweetness. Plus it gets bonus points for coming in a glass jar. The question is how to use it? Here's some ideas:

  • In a cup of hot cocoa or coffee, it's a great dairy-free alternative to cream
  • Spread it right on toast.
  • Make easy fudge with it.
  • Mix with warm water and raw honey for a calming bedtime drink.
  • Melt into oatmeal (it makes breakfast taste like dessert!).
  • Try this easy lemon coconut candy recipe.

The only trouble with the coconut cream concentrate is it's not really a straight replacement for coconut milk. Since it contains fiber it's a little grainy. If this bugs you, you can also make your own coconut milk out of dried coconut (as outlined in this video).


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