27 Reasons You Need to Take the Real Food for Rookies E-course

#1 You're Still Serving Up Cereal For Breakfast

Let's face it: most of us are strapped for time in the morning. Cereal may be convenient, but--despite what the commercials say--it's not part of a healthy breakfast. Kelly's course devotes an entire lesson to quick and easy breakfast ideas that are loaded with the nutrients your family needs. The class includes an incredible audio segment with Sally Fallon Morell about what's wrong with modern breakfast cereals. Trust me, after hearing this you'll know why health will never be found at the bottom of a cereal bowl.

#2 Ingredient Labels Confound You

Learn exactly which ingredients are causing health problems like headaches, hyperactivity, depression and more. You'll know just which ingredients to look for and avoid the next time you go shopping. Plus: the downloadable Kitchen Kop Real Food Ingredient Guide comes free as part of the course!

#3 There's a Container of Soy Milk or Tofu in Your Refrigerator

Still under the impression that soy products are healthy? Hear Dr. Kaayla Daniel (author of The Whole Soy Story) reveal the truth about how this food affects our thyroid, our digestion and our hormones.

#4 You're Using Butter Substitutes

If there's a tub of margarine in your kitchen, you'll want to listen close during the second class in Kelly's e-course. Learn which fats are really bad for your heart (it may not be what you think!), and why the right fats are really good for you!

#5 You Think All Sugar is Created Equal

Learn about the most dangerous sugar you could eat and what your alternatives are. Plus get great tips for which natural sweeteners work best in which recipes (something you must know unless you're looking to make a common real foodie mistake!). 

#6 You've Never Tried Batch Baking

Baking nutritious snacks and treats at home does not mean spending hours in the kitchen every week. You can save time and money by learning to bake in bulk. Kelly provides not one but two great videos with tips for batch baking your family's favorites!

#7 You Think All Beef Cattle Are Raised on Rolling Green Hills

Learn everything the meat industry doesn't want you to find out! But don't worry, we're not trying to convert you to vegetarianism. In fact, Kelly explains exactly how to find nourishing meat from cows raised the right way. Plus she shares a great video of her farmer explaining what to look for when you go shopping for meat from local farms.

#8 You Think Buying Grass Fed Meat is Too Expensive

Kelly busts right through this myth with a video tutorial on how to save money when you buy local meat.

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#9 You've Never Been to a Farmer's Market

You won't be intimidated to go buy local produce from the farmer's market once you learn the right questions to ask (and why farmers are okay when you ask them!).

#10 You're Not Sure What to Do About Pesticides on Your Fruits and Veggies

No problem! Kelly explains exactly how to wash your fresh produce to reduce pesticide residue. You also get to hear a revealing audio segment with Jane Hersey on why we need to be concerned about pesticides.

#11 You Think Fresh Produce is Too Expensive

Just like with local meat, there's a way to save money on high-quality fruits and vegetables. Kelly shares an excellent video on how to stretch your dollars when shopping for produce, and also some very important tips for freezing produce.

#12 You've Never Tried Growing Your Own

Turn your backyard into a fresh food paradise by learning from Kelly's experience with home gardening. You can't get more local than your own backyard!

#13 You Give Your Children Low-Fat Milk

I know, doctors keep telling us to give our children low-fat foods earlier and earlier. Learn why this is a terrible mistake and why dairy fats from the right sources are crucial for our children's development.

#14 You're Drinking Low-Fat Milk

Whole milk ain't just for the youngin's! If you think low-fat dairy is good for your health or your waistline, think again.

#15 You Drink Grocery Store Milk to Prevent Osteoporosis

Conventional milk is missing some key components for bone health. Learn how to get the best milk for your family (and your bones!).

#16 You Fork Up the Money for Organic Milk Because It's Better For You

Learn why organic milk from the grocery store may be the worst kind!

#17 You're Not Sure How to Find Good Quality Milk

Kelly's farmer shares his thoughts on how to find safe, nutritious milk from a local farm.

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#18 You Spend Crazy Money on "Healthy" Bread

Kelly teaches you how to master bread baking so your family can enjoy the most nutritious bread on the planet (while you save $60 a month!).

#19 You Rely on School Lunches to Feed Your Children

Kelly knows what it's like to feed school age children, and she shares her thoughts on cafeteria lunches and easy, healthy alternatives.

#20 You're Too Busy to Cook Nourishing Dinners

Do you call in for take out a little too often? Learn how to cook nourishing fast food at home! Including tips on meal planning, how to keep your kitchen stocked, and a great video recipe for homemade pizza.

#21 You Don't Know How to Use Your Crock Pot

Don't let your crock pot collect dust! Kelly shows you how to get the most out of this invaluable kitchen appliance so you can prepare easy nutrient-dense meals for your family with as little hands-on time as possible.

#22 You Avoid Cod Liver Oil Because of the Taste

Learn why you should be taking cod liver oil and how to get everyone in your family to take it!

#23 Liver Scares You

It's easy to shy away from foods we aren't used to cooking, but let Kelly take the lead as she shares how she learned to serve up delicious liver dishes that even her kids will gladly eat. Plus, learn why getting your family to eat liver is so important for their health.

#24 You're Still Downing Soft Drinks on a Regular Basis

Learn how to finally kick the soda habit by serving up fermented beverages instead. Kelly explains why these probiotic-packed drinks are so good for you and provides clear instructions for making these bubbly treats (trust me, they taste awesome!).

#25 You're Strapped for Cash

Real food doesn't have to be for the rich and famous! Kelly shares how you can afford to eat nourishing food. (This alone is worth the cost of the e-course--which, by the way, is only $10 per class if you use the discount code REALFOOD at checkout! Plus there's a payment plan available if you'd rather pay in installments. But hurry--the coupon off expires on May 1!)

#26 You've Changed Your Diet But Aren't Sure What to Do Next

Kelly doesn't leave you hanging after you've become a real food expert. She also shares about safe cookware, the vaccine controversy, antibacterial soaps and much more in her final lesson: "Beyond Real Food."

#27 You Know All of This, But Someone You Love Doesn't

Maybe you're not such a real food rookie, and you don't need much help with the topics mentioned above. But do you know someone who does? If someone you know is still following SAD (the Standard American Diet), giving them this e-course can change their life. You know the old saying, "Teach a man to fish..." That's where Kelly's class comes in! Imagine giving someone the power to change their health with real food. At the risk of repeating an overdone cliche, this really is the gift that keeps on giving.

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