Muddled Over Meat? Stumped About Seafood? Check Out the Surf and Turf E-Course!

I have to admit, the first time I cooked a grass fed steak, my husband wouldn't eat it. I'm not a great cook to begin with (decent but not great), and grass fed meat really threw me for a loop. And I'm so intimidated by cooking seafood, I won't even buy it most of the time. There is definitely a learning curve involved with cooking nourishing meat and seafood dishes, and it's one I haven't mastered in the least.

So you can imagine my excitement when I heard Ann Marie from Cheeseslave announce she was putting together a full e-course called "Surf and Turf" about cooking meat and seafood the nourishing way. I knew right away I was going to love this. After all, Ann Marie has already posted some wonderful recipes (like nourishing mac 'n' cheese and some really incredible orange chicken) that I still make just about weekly, so I knew she had it in her to give me some good pointers.

You can click here to sign up. Or if you want to learn more about the classes, watch the video below:



The Full Class Line-up

Lesson #1: Protein & Fat: Why You Need It
Lesson #2: Shopping & Stocking Up
Lesson #3: Grilling: Setting Up an Outdoor Grill
Lesson #4: Seafood: Raw & Lightly Cooked
Lesson #5: Seafood: Broiled, Fried & Braised
Lesson #6: Bone Broth: Making Stock from Scratch
Lesson #7: Soups & Stews
Lesson #8: Roasting, Braising, Reductions Sauces & Gravies
Lesson #9: Pan Frying & Deep Frying
Lesson #10: Sandwiches & Salads: Meat-Based Salads & Grain-free Breads
Lesson #11: Organ Meats 1: Heart, Tongue & Bone Marrow
Lesson #12: Organ Meats 2: Liver Four Ways
Bonus Lesson: Appetizers, Side Dishes & Snacks

I've gotta say most of the lessons above are gonna be lifesavers for me. Obviously from my statement above you can tell lessons #4 and #5 are mandatory if I ever want to break away from my seafood phobia. But I think I'm going to get way more out of this course, too. For instance, I'm pretty good at making broth. That really clicked with me after I first read Nourishing Traditions. But the trouble is I don't always know what to do with all my broth! I'd love to learn some new ways of incorporating it into my meals, so lesson #7 and #8 are must-haves for me, too. And organ meats? Okay, I'm taking a deep breath and will stay open minded. Maybe I can finally advance beyond occasionally "sneaking" liver into my family's chili.

Classes start on August 18 (less than three weeks from now, yippee!). The thirteen week e-course will be totally available online. Each week you'll gain access to the next lesson, and you will have lifetime access to the whole course. So if you're like me, and feeling a little unsure about organ meats and the like, you can always come back later when you've mustered up some courage!

This 13-week online cooking class is available for only $120. For 13 lessons that's less than $10 per lesson! Have you seen what a local cooking class costs? Ones I've seen cost from $30-$100 per class--I don't know about you, but that's just not in my price range. Plus, then I have to worry about following someone else's timetable, spending money to drive there, etc. I like to keep things as simple and economic as possible. And this e-course fits right into that criteria.


Hurry! Enrollment end on August 14th.

My thinking is this: grass fed meat and seafood aren't cheap. And if you buy them and can't cook them in a way you enjoy, a lot of it can easily go to waste. So at less than $10/class I have a feeling you'll earn the cost back pretty quickly money-wise. And nutritionally speaking I would have to call this e-course priceless. Where else are you going to find such a complete set of lessons put together by someone with the right priorities and experience?

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