Baby, I Like It Raw!...and My New Raw Milk Adventure

Granted, most of us raw milk fans don't need to be reminded of why we have such a strong attachment to our milk. But sometimes it helps to remember the "why" behind choosing real milk (or at least avoiding the conventional stuff!), especially when you're talking to others about your choices. Mark McAfee, founder of Organic Pastures (who produces a lot of the wonderful raw milk available in California), did a very comprehensive interview with Qiana and John Calvin Byrd on The Pulse. You can find a video and audio podcast of the interview here.

What You'll Hear During This Interview:

- How and Why Pasteurization Became Mainstream
- Why Raw Milk is Better Tolerated by the Digestive System
- The Problems Caused by Pasteurization and Homogenization
- Why Conventional Dairy Farming is Problematic
- Why Even Organic Conventional Milk Isn't Ideal
- How to Make Raw Milk Safe
- Why We Don't Have the Freedom to Choose Our Milk
- Why Soy Milk is a Terrible Milk Alternative
- Why Raw Dairy is Such an Important Food in Today's Society

The interview is a full 50 minutes long, but let me tell you if you're a raw milk devotee--or if you or someone you know has questions about real milk--then it's worth every minute. I'm obviously a huge fan of quality raw milk myself (if you couldn't tell from my 23-day raw milk diet experiment), and I can tell you I really enjoyed watching this video and learned a few new tidbits, too.

My NEW Raw Milk Adventure

I'm gettin' goats. This is probably not as exciting as my raw milk diet, but to me it's the start of a whole new adventure since I have never raised my own dairy before. We've got our goats selected (a friendly nanny and two adorable kids) and now we just have to make sure we're prepared to take them on! So in the coming weeks I will hopefully be getting my very own supply of raw milk at home. Part of me is thinking I'm not ready and the other part is cheering, "You'll never learn until you dive in and try!" So wish me (and my new goats) luck!

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