Milk Diet Post Round-Up: 14 Posts About 23 Days on Just Raw Milk!

Some of you may not be familiar with my raw milk diet experiment I did in 2010. It was a rockin' 23 days on nothing (seriously, nothing!) but raw milk. For those of you who'd like to catch up and see how my milk diet went (or just learn more), here's a collection of all 14 posts I did about the raw milk cure diet:

My official start on this adventure and some basic milk diet protocol.

#2 Podcast Day 1
Whew! Made it through the first day of the raw milk diet.

#3 Resources for Information on The Milk Diet
Just a few places you can look to find out more about the milk diet and the milk cure.

#4 Podcast Day 5
Not tired of milk yet! And some experiences with cravings (not as bad as I thought!).

#5 Does the Raw Milk Diet Help You Lose Weight?
How the milk diet can affect metabolism and weight.

#6 The Healing Benefits of the Milk Diet and My Own Expectations
What was the raw milk diet used for back in the day? Plus, my hopes for healing during the diet.

The Raw Milk Revolution: Behind America's Emerging Battle Over Food Rights
#7 Podcast Day 11
Find out how life is going on 11 days of raw milk.

#8 Podcast Day 18
An update including some talk about inflammation and omega-6 fatty acids.

#9 Final Podcast
Including some great tips on transitioning off the diet.

The Raw Truth About Milk
#10 What I Did and How I Did It
Lots of interesting statistics like quarts of milk, calories, fat, protein, carbs, etc.

#11 The "How" Of Drinking Milk on the Raw Milk Diet
You'll be surprised how much you learn from this one!

#12 The Raw Milk Cure and Digestion
Common digestive experiences on the milk diet (including my own) and how to deal with them.

#13 Basal Temperature, Metabolism, Weight and More!
Did I gain weight on 2,500 calories of milk per day? Find out here!

#14 Healing Hormones, PMS and More
How the milk diet addresses the root of the problem.

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