My Raw Milk Diet Cure Experiment: What I Did and How I Did It

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My Raw Milk Diet Adventure: Fun Facts

Here’s a bunch of fun numbers from the 23 days during which I only drank raw milk (no food whatsoever!):

Total Raw Milk Drank in 23 Days:

About 24.75 GALLONS of fresh raw milk! Or, nearly 60,000 calories on milk alone. That’s almost 99 quarts or just over a gallon every day.

So, on average, this is what I consumed every day (based on whole milk on

2,520 calories

136 g fat

189 g carbs

135 g protein


49% fat (mostly saturated)

30% carbs

21% protein

What about...

... weight changes?

Being that I’m a 5'4" woman of average weight, who exercises for about two hours a week (at most, and not even that much while on the milk diet), has a normal or even slow metabolism (I used to gain weight on 1,600 calories a day!) and essentially has a sedentary desk job, most nutrition calculators would recommend I eat about 1700-2100 calories each day to maintain my weight. So, if we’re going to succumb to the calorie counting theories, I should have gained about 3-5 pounds on this diet. However, I lost about 2-3 pounds. Read more about the milk diet and weight loss here.

... basal temperature?

My starting basal temperature was about 97.5 degrees F (taken first thing in the morning, underarm/axillary). This is slightly low or normal depending on which expert’s advice you seek. However, while on the milk diet my basal temp rocketed upward and has remained that way since. Is this linked to why I lost weight rather than gained? Maybe so... Read more about the milk diet and basal metabolism here.

... bed rest?

Well, I wish I could have gone on bed rest. What a healing ritual that would have been! But, alas, my household duties, my work and my kids couldn’t be left to their own devices for over three weeks, so bed rest wasn’t really an option. I did, however, try to prioritize sleep and daily downtime. I spent extra time in bed when I could, and tried to minimize my stress (easier said than done!). I did do some mild exercise during the milk diet, though I really tried not to overdo it at all. If I do the milk diet again I think I will take this concept of bed rest more seriously. I probably won’t exercise at all, and try to limit more of my other activities as well. I think this is an important part of the healing process.

... digestion?

I experienced very little of the typical bloating during the milk diet, but I did have problems with staying “regular.” So I deviated from the plan a little (which doesn’t include supplements) and took magnesium and vitamin C throughout the last 10-12 days of the diet to help move things along a little, so to speak. Read more about the milk diet and digestion here.

... cravings?

This was so phenomenal. I had very few cravings on the milk diet. Occasionally I longed for some solid food like fried eggs with cheese, a burger or maybe a steak, but never enough to bother me. Amazingly, I had no cravings for sweets or even chocolate–and that’s my number one indulgence! Having no chocolate cravings through PMS was so unusual for me I never thought it would happen. So, I’m pretty certain that’s a testament to the milk diet if nothing else is! Read more about the milk diet, cravings and hormones here.

Any other questions? C’mon, I know you’re wondering about something. If so, ask away in the comments below! Or, you can send me an email and I’ll be sure to answer all your questions in the posts following my break.

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