My Raw Milk Diet Cure Experiment: The "How" of Drinking Milk on the Milk Diet

As I addressed in my very first post about my milk diet experiment, how you drink your milk is just as important as the fact that you’re drinking it. Trust me, these steps are very important and should not be brushed aside:

Do... drink the milk slowly. Take small sips so your body has time to assimilate the nutrients.

Don’t... gulp your milk like those people gulping down Gatorade in the commercials.

Do... drink your milk at room temperature or above. (I set mine out in the morning, or gently heated it sometimes. Warm milk before bed really does help you sleep!)

Don’t... swig glasses of ice cold milk. It’s rough on digestion.

Do... spread the milk out through your day. A small glass every half-hour is the original protocol. I tried to follow this to some extent, and tried to never go more than one hour without milk during my waking hours.

Don’t... eat three meals of milk and nothing else. I don’t see how anyone tries to follow the milk diet this way. You’ll either end up seriously bloating or not drinking enough milk. The only way you’re going to comfortably get the minimum gallon per day is to spread it out.

Do... drink raw milk. It’s bioavailable and nutrient-dense, the way mother nature intended.

Don’t... rely solely on pasteurized, homogenized commercial milk. It’s denatured and highly processed.

If you can get these down, you're on your way to becoming a milk drinking expert. And, seriously, this is not a bad way of drinking milk even if you're not doing a full milk diet. But if you're living on milk, it becomes absolutely essential.

Stay tuned...

... on Wednesday we have an awesome post by Matt Stone from 180DegreeHealth on metabolism in relation to modern health problems.

... on Friday Melissa from The Cellulite Investigation will be guest posting about the four theories of cellulite. Good stuff--you don't want to miss it!

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