Podcast with Matt Stone: The Body Weight Set Point and Metabolism

Yesterday I had the opportunity to interview one of my favorite bloggers and health researchers, Matt Stone from 180 Degree Health, about the body weight set point. After listening to his new audio seminar, I knew this was something people needed to hear about.

What Matt and I discuss in this podcast goes against everything we're told about diet, weight and exercise. And yet I know anyone who's ever been on a diet is going to be nodding their head when they hear what Matt has to say.

  • Ever feel like your body is fighting against fat loss?
  • Wonder why it's so hard to stick to a diet?
  • Does restrictive dieting lead you to cravings and binging on "bad" foods?
  • Are you cold, tired or irritable when you're trying to lose weight?
  • Are you "check" dieting?

Learn why Matt (and many other leading researchers) believe the focus should be on the weight set point, and not on weight. I personally believe this could be secret to finding a healthy, permanent weight without being chained to a life of deprivation and misery.

Listen to the podcast now to learn about the body weight set point and metabolism:

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You can also click here if you want to listen to an additional in-depth presentation from Matt about the weight set point, dieting, metabolism and health, or to find out more about his free e-book or the new audio seminar. You might also want to check out his blog to hear the latest on achieving true metabolic health.

This post is a part of Fight Back Friday hosted by Food Renegade.

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