Day 7 on RRARF: Benefits Already!

I've done coconut water fasting. I've done the milk diet for 23 days. But I have never experienced such pronounced benefits as I'm experiencing right now on RRARF. Who knew that feeding yourself extremely well, resting it up, and avoiding sugar (completely!) could offer such an advantage?

Well, I guess when you put it like that, it's no wonder I'm feeling so great on RRARF. But it's easy to kid yourself into thinking you're doing "enough" on a day to day basis. Trust me, that's what I've been telling myself for months. And my metabolic health is decent enough where it was easy to go on thinking that way. But let me tell you: I was wrong.

My RRARF Benefits So Far

I'm seeing several subtle benefits from RRARF already, but today I wanted to talk about the two that strike me the most:

1) My skin looks awesome. Seriously awesome. You see, I've had acne to some degree or another since I was twelve. There were years when it was pretty severe, and some years when it was mild-to-moderate. But it was always there.

I've seen improvements since I started eating real food and taking better care of myself in general, but nothing spectacular. I also noticed some subtle skin benefits when I was on the milk diet, but this eclipses that experience entirely. I've tried basically every skin care product on the market over the years, and more recently every natural skin care option as well (coconut oil, baking soda, apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil, etc.). But I never found anything that provided truly impressive results.

So eventually I was convinced that I would never have skin that was crystal clear, baby soft and radiant. I thought that was something reserved for ethereal beings, and only to be artificially attained with the right makeup and lighting for us mere mortals. But seven days into RRARF and I have that skin. If this is the only benefit I see from RRARF, I'll be one happy woman.

2) My moods are fantastic. I'm walking on a cloud all the time. I've had this sort of dull, automated feeling during the last several months. Nothing terrible, but there was a definite lack of sparkle and zest. During these last few days on RRARF, the sparkle has returned. I'm practically giddy. My husband even commented on how I'm laughing so much more than usual. And my creative side has blossomed once again, so I've been able to start a few old hobbies back up that I just haven't felt inspired to do until now. If all this has nothing to do with RRARF, then it's one heck of a coincidence.

I'm curious to see if these benefits stick around for the rest of my 30 days of RRARF and afterword. Though I gotta say if this is what I get for going on RRARF, I'm not sure I can think of any reason for ever stopping!

To find out more about the science and reasoning behind RRARF, check out Matt Stone's free e-book on RRARF and metabolic recovery. You can also check out my previous posts on RRARF:

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RRARF vs. The Milk Diet

Stay tuned: later this week I'll be talking about sugar, fructose and other sweet things... and why I'm giving them all up for RRARF.

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