My Back Yard


This is the typical view from my dining room on a summer day.

A couple of weeks ago we added three goats to our little back yard farm. My kids took the honor of naming them. To the right is Dixie.

This is Charles Muntz. (Yes, that's from Up. I told you my kids names them.) He has a leaf stuck embarrassingly between his teeth. I should warn him before anyone else sees it!

And this is Dolly, their mother. She's a real dear and has been a lifesaver in training the young ones!

To the left is Charlotte, our Yorkshire mix and soon to be part of the breakfast club (and I'm not talking about the movie). Sorry, Charlotte. But we love our pastured bacon. And our sod in the front yard which you keep tearing to pieces after Houdini-ing your way out of the fence.

Saving the best for last (though that's entirely a matter of opinion): our chickens--which not only provide hours of viewing entertainment each week, but an ample supply of fresh, free-range eggs with the orangest yolks I've ever laid eyes on. And what would I do with my daily supply of egg yolks?

So that's my back yard. It's a work in progress, to be sure, but it's a darn fine place to spend a summer evening. Anything interesting hanging out in your back yard?

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