Can Grass Fed Beef Melt Your Fat Away? 3 Ways It Can Help

Conventional wisdom tells us to cut out red meat when we want to get healthy and lose weight. As it turns out, grass fed beef might actually be a potent fat-fighting food. Here's three reasons why:

#1 We Need Protein!

Like we talked about here and here this week, protein is an important part of our diets. It also helps banish cravings on two levels. First, protein is a satiating nutrient. This study shows that eating more protein in the morning helps prevent those unwanted late afternoon and evening cravings. Plus, protein contains those important amino acids that build brain chemicals. If you have a neurotransmitter deficiency, you may crave junk foods that add to your waistline.

#2 Nix the Omega 6

There's no doubt about it: grain-fed beef is heavy on the omega 6 fatty acids and very scant on the omega 3s. Americans already have a pathetic omega 6:3 ratio. We need lot less of the omega 6 fatty acids and a few more of the omega 3s. Grass fed beef falls perfectly into this category: it actually has more omega 3 than omega 6!

Where's the connection between omega 6 fatty acids and weight gain? An overabundance of omega 6 fatty acids causes a stress response in the body (because they cause inflammation and oxidation), which means the release of cortisol. And (as you may have read here) high cortisol levels are connected to fat storage, especially around the midsection.

#3 Melt It Away With CLA

CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) fights fat. Several Scandinavian studies have demonstrated that this unique fatty acid accelerates fat loss while stimulating lean mass growth. It has even been noted that CLA seems to particularly fight the fat stored around the midsection--which is ironically where many of us would like to lose it! You'd have to eat nearly three servings of conventional beef just to get the amount of CLA that's in one serving of grass fed meat, so beef on grass is clearly the way to go.

Isn't it nice to think that we can relish our grass fed steaks with gusto and shake our heads at the poor souls miserably poking at their chalky tofu burgers? All the while knowing that our juicy delectable meat is shrinking our waistline, and making our taste-buds do a happy dance!

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