My Raw Milk Diet Cure Experiment: Day 1

One of my favorite discoveries on my real food journey is raw milk. Last year, I was absolutely tickled to learn what a nourishing food milk could be under the right circumstances. You know when you read a piece of information and it just, you know... clicks? Well, reading about raw milk was a real "click" moment for me. I don’t know why. It just made pure and utter (udder?) sense to me that raw milk could really do a body good.

So I spent some time perusing, reading about the benefits of drinking real raw milk. And I was immediately taken with these decades-old stories of people who had been cured of a variety of ailments by going on an exclusive raw milk diet for several weeks. The idea of going on an all raw milk diet was very alluring to me, but I chocked it up as impossible since I didn’t think it was practical for me to consume only raw milk day in and day out.

However, over the next few weeks I have a unique opportunity to give the raw milk diet a real shot, and I’m jumping in head first. Today I have officially begun my raw milk diet. And don’t worry, I'll be keeping my readers filled in along the way in the form of blog posts and YouTube podcasts.

There is so much information about the milk diet, so today I just want to do an introduction to explain what the milk diet actually is, because it's a little more than just chugging milk all day. Here’s the basics of the raw milk diet philosophy:

- Raw milk is a balanced, nutrient-dense food. It provides everything the body needs to rebuild and heal. Its liquid form is easily absorbed and digested by the body.

- Raw milk should be taken in adequate quantities to provide the body with plenty of nutrients and rebuilding material, generally at least four quarts (one gallon) each day.

- Milk should be taken in small amounts, sipping throughout the day to ensure proper digestion and assimilation of nutrients. No gulping large glasses of ice-cold milk, please.

- Rest is highly recommended to ensure the body is focused on healing rather than expending energy. Someone who is ill should have complete bed rest for most or all of the diet.

- Warm baths for relaxation, circulation and detoxification are also recommended.

- Light exercise can be added to further improve circulation and body composition if the patient is up to it.

Later I will go into greater detail about exactly how I plan to do the raw milk diet, and what benefits I expect (or hope) to receive. And on Monday I'll be sharing some great resources available for those who want to really dig in and learn more about this intriguing diet.

This post is a part of Fight Back Friday at Food Renegade.

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