Get Saturated: Four Reasons Saturated Fat is Healthy

Some of my homemade butter.

I recently wrote an article for Natural News about the health benefits of saturated fats. Already my inbox is flooded with emails (supportive and not-so-supportive, but always fun to read). Here's an excerpt from the article:

"Today we are caught between two philosophies: one says saturated fat is killing us; the other says these fats are necessary for true vitality. There is a heated back-and-forth, a constant tug-of-war scenario, with society caught in the middle like a child caught between two parents in a nasty divorce.
But fortunately, we are adults who can take a step back from the madness and look at the facts - all of the facts - before coming to our own conclusions. The trouble is finding anything but propaganda regarding saturated fats. Corporate food industry and government agencies are quick to demonize these fats, but in traditional cultures saturated fat was revered and even coveted as a source of vital energy."

You can read the full article here: Get Saturated: Four Reasons Saturated Fat is Healthy. There's some interesting comments to read there, too.
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